Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Tips from Mothers to increase milk supply "

Chinese Style
Young papaya soup with chicken or garoupa fish
Fish porridge
Black beans with red dates and chicken soup
Some mothers believe that consuming malt & calcium drinks do help
Malay Style
Pucuk pegaga and ulam
Indian Style
Baby shark porridge or curry
Many women believes that fenugreek and raspberry are great to increase milk supply too. For your info, fenugreek in Bahasa Malaysia is rempah "halba" which we can get in any spices section in supermarket easily.
Try massaging your breast with warm towel before feeding.
At bath time, bend forward, wash and massage breast with hot shower- do pamper your breast too.
When you are back at work or away from home, bring a photo of your baby and loved ones to help the let down process.

* nape malay nye sikit je..meh aku tambah..pucuk betik pun boleh..lobak putih pun boleh juga..(ni yg aku pratikkan)..tapi takleh makan selalu..maklomla..sejuk sayur2 camni..seminggu sekali bolehlaa..selain tu..mintak la pil kat doc utk tambah susu..nama? lupa kite! hehehe..

aaron: mami..ayon tgh kira duit ni..nanti ayon bagi mami duit soping2...

mami: Alhamdulillah..tengkiu ..tayunkkk manyiakkkk!!!

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